RUBIX VIRTUAL REAlity training systems…

Rubix Limited was founded by Engin Piskin with the support of the Kadoorie Group in 2018 to design Virtual & Mixed Reality products and flight simulators that have extensive artificial intelligence capabilities…

Our team consists of a combination of active fixed & rotary wing pilots, cabin crew, software & mechanical engineers, and graphic designers. We have part-time consultants who are working as full-time flight crews many of whom are instructors. The technology that we have adopted is currently used by NASA and US Air Force to provide real human eye resolution solutions for extreme accuracy.


  • To achieve the best visual quality by following the ‘’seeing is believing’’.

  • Using the most advanced AI systems to create the best training environments.

  • Following the most updated hardware & software solutions on the market and to provide the latest information to our customers through our prototypes.

OUR main expertise areas

  • Aviation, Transportation & Security Forces related VR/AR capable Training Software & Simulator Design.

  • Prototyping new technologies and supplying information to business partners.

  • Providing Virtual Reality Software & Hardware solutions to schools to support STEM education.

  • Rubix Simulator Experience Centre.