RUBIX BLACKBIRD ™ 6DOF Full Scale motion platform system

Using our experience with the military market, the aim of OUR simulator SYSTEM is to bring a new lightweight&affordable 6DOF fully functional modular motion platform system. With Rubix Blackbird™, we are bringing a commercial-grade capable motion platform system to your home. We have different versions for different needs.

Rubix Blackbird™ :

1- Base price (200mm actuator version+ seat) : 9000USD + Shipping
2- 300mm actuator version: 10,000USD +Shipping
3- Full System:18-19,000USD + Shipping

Delivery Time: 12-15 working days

Note: We are kindly requesting a Zoom call before confirming your order for security purposes.


1- Base motion platform with seat

2- Qculus Pro headset

3- I9 + 4090RTx Computer System (Plug & fly pre-configured system. )

4- Flight Controls

5- Main Instrument Panel

Please contact for a final quotation of your customized system. (We can design any airframe with half & full cockpit options.)

Rubix Blackbird™ specifications(200mm actuator version):

Roll         : ±12°
Pitch       : ±12°
Yaw         : ±15°
Heave     : ±8cm°
Surge      : ±15°
Sway       : ±15°

Payload  : 400kg

Custom design platforms

Based on actual designs, our platforms are exact replicas of real aircraft and apply full motion capability and are fully VR capable. We can design any platform on request. Multi-crew options are also available…

Please contact us for more info…

F-16 mixed reality platform

Our simulator is capable of the full range of 6DOF motion and is plug & play VR /Mixed Reality capable. We can design any platform inside the DCS software. Fully configured & programmed to run with DCS (Digital Combat Simulator.)


Designed by our own inhouse instructors, our platform is multi-crew capable and has an Instructor Operating Station (IOS)
Please contact us for more info…